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Disruption and Modern Energy Market Design

Gary Holden


With over 30 years of experience in the electricity industry, Gary Holden has become a leader in grid disruption and changing the way consumers think about energy. Gary led TransAlta New Zealand in serving 35% of the New Zealand market and ushered TransAlta Generation into Alberta de-regulation. Furthermore, as CEO of Enmax Corporation, Gary introduced Alberta to the innovative long-term energy arrangement EasyMax, doubled Enmax’s market share, and transformed the generation market with the Shepard Power plant, wind projects and district energy in downtown Calgary.

Now, Gary is the CEO of Pulse Energy and his New Zealand retail energy company is connecting a new solar-battery system faster than one per hour. Why? Because consumers are asking for it. Pulse combines grid energy with solar-battery systems through time-of-use price signals; allowing consumers to reap the benefits of solar power. Time-of-use pricing rewards consumers for the contribution the battery makes to offset peak power demand and facilitates consumer participation in energy efficiency, electric vehicles and trading their excess power in peer-to-peer networks with like-minded consumers.

Gary has spent his career shaping energy policy. By applying a deep understanding of electricity markets, Gary has brought engineering, economics and vision to establish the future way policy makers, consumers and champions of a low carbon world can work together. Gary will present the “ideal model” to keep power price under control, while simultaneously delivering solutions for climate change. Come and see how the low cost world is also a low carbon world; and how solid energy policy is the key!

Building Your Dream Network

John Hill

VP of Network

John is the VP of Network for Techstars, a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program that dreams big and accelerates the growth of tech companies. To date, hundreds of companies have gone through the Techstars accelerator, and John is charged with supporting and growing a global network of tech entrepreneurs, mentors and investors who surround them.

Once a Higher Education Evangelist at LinkedIn, now the VP of Network at Techstars, John is a huge proponent of “the hustle” and believes “changing the world” can be more than hyperbole. A firm believer that a network needs love and attention, John’s presentation will outline how you can build a diverse network that can actually help forge your career forward. Whether you’re focused on online or offline connections, his speech highlights valuable tips and tricks that every entrepreneur needs to know when it comes to networking effectively!

On the Edge: Managing Risk and Reaching the Summit

Caroline Gleich

Pro Skier, Mountaineer & Adventurer

Mountaineering and entrepreneurship both involve a strategy of calculated risk and venturing out on your own. Whether it’s in the back-country or the business world, it’s not for the faint of heart. Join us at #DEF2018 as Caroline Gleich shares her perspective about managing risk and the parallels of finding the edge in both the mountains and the entrepreneurial arena. Known as the Queen of the Wasatch Range, Caroline’s experiences both on and off the mountain have made her an inspiration to outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

As a pro skier and mountaineer, Caroline has carved out a career doing what she loves and is backed by some of the biggest outdoor brands including Patagonia, Keen Footwear, and Clif Bar, just to name a few. She recently received acclaim for becoming the first woman and fourth person to ski all 90 lines in “The Chuting Gallery,” a back-country skiing guide to the Wasatch. She has also been praised by Outside for her activism on social and environmental justice.

Caroline’s goal is to inspire people to get outside, live a healthy, active lifestyle and protect the places they love to play. When she isn’t on the snow, she loves trail running, alpine climbing, ridge scrambling, biking and dreaming about her next human-powered adventure.

Scrutinizing the Modern Energy Pivot

Gianni Kovacevic

Investor, Author & Enlightener

Gianni is an internationally known investor and strategist who specializes in decoding complicated current events. He is a published author who draws from over 20,000 hours of research, and is a sought-after commentator related to wide ranging themes – from the divestment pivot in modern energy, to the rise of a new spending class in emerging markets. An avid proponent of realistic environmentalism, he has enlightened audiences around the world with his unique brand of storytelling that colourfully demonstrates how the environment and investment often go hand-in-hand.

His new book, “My Electrician Drives a Porsche?” was introduced to audiences by way of a one-of-a-kind coast to coast journey across America in an all-electric Tesla, now credited as the world’s first zero emission book tour.